About Us                                                                                                                                       


Our aims are to produce a range of good garden plants in 7cm pots.

There is a huge range of non garden worthy plants available often requiring heavy spray programmes to keep away pests and diseases, we don't grow them.
There are many plants with royalties which are new and that is all you can say, untested, and often totally unsuited to gardens and gardeners needs. We don't do these either.

Keeping it simple

We send lists out monthly of what we have available

The customers order and tell us when they would like it

We confirm availability and send out for delivery as requested.

This can be as quick as 24hrs, place orders by 10 am, and phone through to tell us.

Plants that we grow can be ordered for when ready, placed on back order.

If you want specific items from our list we can grow them in quantities to suit you.

Such orders will be sent out when ready depending on availability and time of the year.
Nobody wants their back order in December so we won't send then.

No discounts are given for more than 100 plants and no surcharges are made for less than 20.

Any number less than 10 charged at the rate for 10.

Large or small orders are treated the same, don't expect good service if you are slow to pay your bills, don't expect your reserve to be held if you are late paying.  


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