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ABUTILON MEGAPOTAMICUM VARIEGATA(AGM) small leaved Abutilon with irregularly splashed gold leaves, red and orange bell shaped flowers very exotic looking, as a shrub, best grown on a wall or as a climber
ABUTILON MEGAPOTAMICUM. Beautiful bell flowers red and yellow with prominent sexy bits, hardy enough but best displayed as a wall shrub.
ACACIA BAILEYANA **** (AGM) grey pinnate foliage masses of mimosa flws jan -april within 2 yrs.Grows well in a sheltered spot outside in South Lincs down to -8C and no damage in flower best descibed as Sex on a stick !!
ACACIA BOORMANII *** shrubby slow growing species bright yellow massed flowers in spring, Has proved hardy in a pot outside here down to -8C with no damage flowers august onwards reasonable scent. Eventually will form a small billowing tree, highly reccomended 
ACACIA DEALBATA ***(AGM) florists mimosa yellow flws requires grows well and flowers as far north as Lincoln scented flowers similar to baileyana but scented, Scented Sex on a stick !!

ACACIA MEARNSII ***fast growing ferny bipinnate foliage having cream fragrant flowers in spring. Hardy to Zone 8  -7C for short periods, it manages to get into the top 100 most ivasive plants but that I do not think will be a problem in the UK
ACACIA NANODEALBATA from sub alpine regions of Victoria, dwarfer than dealbata, expected to be hardier too, other than that similar.
ACACIA PRAVISSIMA *****(AGM)the hardiest Acacia with unusual triangular lvs (phyllodes)yellow flws sweetly scented in april, perfectly happy here in South Linconlshire outside to -9C  
ACACIA RETINOIDES BLUE LEAF FORM **** if like the type will flower early in its life and flowers well in autumn with scented flowers, which appear through most of the year forms a small tree which though hardy to -7C must be kept out of cold winds 
ACACIA RETINOIDES*** (AGM) willow like leaves, flowers freely large loose paicles of yellow throughout summer, Autumn and Winter does it ever stop flowering lime tolerant, hardy to at least -7C. Starts flowering at the age of 18 months. 
ALBIZZIA JULIBRIZZIN ROSEA (AGM)acacia like folige but hardy small tree, excellent in pots as a patio plant
ALOISYA TRIPHYLLA,(AGM) lemon scented verbena more lemon scented tha a lemon.
AMELANCHIER ALNIFOLIA Saskatoon service berry, produces edible fruits tasting of apples, but which sort? Produces a small garden tree with white flowers in Spring and excellent autumn colour, new shoots bronzed. 
AMELANCHIER OVALIS good autumn colour
ANSIDONTEA CAPENSIS a small shrub to about 4' evergreen and having pink almost cistus like flowers produced in abundance throughout summer and autumn has proved reliably hardy locally. Sweet plant as always in flower.
ARAILIA ELATA huge bipinnate leaves spiny sten, architectural, and sub tropical
ARONIA MELANOCARPA supurb red autumn foliage and edible berries tasting like blueberries
ARONIA PRUNIFOLIA purple copper new growth white rosacea flowers and berries followed by excellent autumn colour, a good hardy open shrub tolerant of a range of conditions
ARTEMISIA POWIS CASTLE,(AGM) small grey filigree foliaged shrub
AZARA SERRATA (AGM) small tree with glossy lvs yellow clusters of flowers in profusion 


BUDDLEIA LINDLEYANA unusual glossy foliage, purple to lilac flowers in Aug/sept, not what you expect from the genus, very nice indeed 
BUDDLEIA PINK DELIGHT huge pink panicles possibly the largest of any Buddleia

CALLICARPA BOD. PROFUSION heavy berrying form with violet berries held all winter, easy and attractive shrub.
CALLICARPA KWANTUNGENSIS strangely attractive and unusual small shrub from China. Leaves larger than C bodnerii, pale green flushed in pinky purple, excellent to me pink autumn leaf colour, berries pink to purple.
CALLISTEMON RIGIDUS (VEG)dark red flowers produced in abundance after about three years, seed collected in Cornwall, as this is of more spiky foliaged than the Australian version(What do they know) and proves reliably hardy (Cutting raised for quicker flowering)









CALYCANTHUS OCCIDENTALIS medium deciduous shrub having brick red 2" across flowers, summer and early autumn, bright green glossy leaves, not often grown but comes thouroughly reccomended
CARYOPTERIS SUMMER SORBET  (AGM) a new variety with gold edged leaves blue flowers in late summer early autumn, on dwarf shrub, a colour license paid label comes with each plant
CEPHALANTHUS OCCIDENTALIS "The Button Bush" easily cultivated but quite rare, a deciduous bush carrying white ball shaped flower heads in august, interesting and not unattractive
CERCIDIPHYLLUM JAPONICA Katsura Tree,Burnt sugar shrub,ever changing foliage starting out pink in spring ending brilliant yellow autumn foliage. Frost tends to kill off thin shoots so is best often pruned fairly hard in spring, not good in windy spots. 
CESTRUM ELEGANS proved suprisingly hardy surviving down to -8C, survives outside at Holbeach on a fence , gives a fine show of bright red bunched flowers. In very cold weather goes deciduous but this I think can be advantageous to its flowering performance in April, Fantastic! 
CHAENOMELES CAMEO double large peach flws up to 2" across







CISTUS PURPUREUM purple flws of crushed silk
CLADASTRIS LUTEA (syn kentukea, tinctoria) medium sized very handsome tree says Hilliers, having white Wisteria flowers in summer heavily scented, add to this brilliant yellow autumn colour, must be a winner. 
CLIANTHUS PUNICEUS ALBA(AGM)white lobster claw needs protection in winter from a wall does exceptionally well in the sub tropical climes of South Lincs on a wall, reputedly hardierthan the red 
CLIANTHUS PUNICEUS ROSEA(AGM) deep red lobster claw needs protection in winter from a wall does exceptionally well in the sub tropical climes of South Lincs on a wall
CONVOLVULUS CNEORUM (AGM) silver foliaged small shrub with white bind weed flowers. 
CORDYLINE INDIVISA striking variety with wide leaves and orange mid rib, true form not often offered as seed sources are variable and usually Australis
CORNUS ALBA SPATHII (AGM) gold variegated lvs red stems in winter
CORNUS FLAVIRIMEA (AGM)yellow stemmed dogwood for winter colour stems
CORNUS KESSELRINGII Black stemed dogwood, really the stems are dark purple in winter, leaves tinged purple in summer, the king of winter stems.  
CORNUS KOUSA CHINENSIS a large elegant and sophisticated shrub having excellent autumn colour and white bract like flowers in June often followed by strawberry like fruits.
CORNUS KOUSA MILKY W AY, a very attractive small garden tree or shrub. Produces a vase like shape, with appealling bark and large creamy flowers, followed by red strawbery like fruits
CORNUS MID WINTER FIRE orange red yellow stems make this dwarf plant truly stunning in winter
CORNUS SERICEA CARDINAL reddish and orange stem medium grower, different but similar and larger than Winter fire
CORONILLA GLAUCA  long flowering bright yellow scented flws, good small shrub 
CORONILLA GLAUCA VARIEGATA bright creamy white variegated shrub  long flowering bright yellow scented flws mostly in winter, good small shrub 
CUPRESSUS SEMPERVIRENS STRICTA italian cypress making a fine columnar evergreen tree 
CYTISUS NIGRESCENS CYNI dwarf deciduous trifoliate shrub,bright yellow panicles of scented flws in mid to late summer,a lovely plant, not what you expect from a broom at all!



ELEUTHEROCOCCOS SEIBOLDIANA VARIEGATA  deciduous shrub with palmate lvs margins creamy white definitely different
ELSHOLTZIA STAUNTONII a sub shrub with leaves mint scented carrying panicles of liac purple flowers in late summer and autumn
EMBOTHRIUM COCCINEUM Chilean fire bush, a semi evergreen prefering a slightly acidic well drained soil , have seen in the Midlands groing well needs a sheltered spot and the stock we had last winter went down to -15.6C and has grown away well. Words cannot describe find a picture on the net. 
EUCALYPTUS CAMPHORA broad grey green lvs one of the hardiest.tolerates poor drainage
EUCALYPTUS COCCIFERA striking glaucous lvs in adult trees reasonably hardy, young foliage undersides deep purple, warty glistening stems.
EUCALYPTUS niphophila (AGM) white stemmed snow gum
EUCALYPTUS PERRINIANA Hardy small Tasmanian tree handsome white bark with peeling blotches
EUPHORBIA MELLIFERA (AGM)sub tropical looking tall to 5' with honey scented flws in april
EURYOPS PECTINATUS ferny foliaged shrub from South Africa, has proved hardy here in mild years, continuous supply of yellow daisy flowers on a compact shrub of greyish leaves. 
EXOCHORDA GIRALDII WILSONII this varity has the largest flowers of any in the group, white flowers on a medium sized deciduous shrub.
FICUS CARICA BROWN TURKEY(FIG) I have never yet seen it produce a chicken, let alone a turkey , and a brown one at that. 
FIRMINIANA SIMPLEX big leaved unusual tree
FUCHSIA BERNISSERS HARDY excellent in late summer and autumn, very hardy short growing hardy and reliable
FUCHSIA MAGELLANICA  VERSICOLOR purple pink and white tinged foliage
FUCHSIA MOLINAE (magellanica alba) very hardy quick growing variety reaching 5 feet, having glossy leaves with masses of white to very light pink flws summer til late autumn,shaggy bark develops on older specimens 
FUCHSIA RICCARTONII (AGM) hardy large shrubby fuchsia mid sized flowers in purple and red simple but delightful, used as hedging in coastal areas
GENISTA PORLOCK (AGM) fast growing flws yellow scented in march to may sporadically through the rest of the year. Beauty. 

HALIMOCISTUS LIBANOTIS charming small shrub with bright green linear foliage, in early summer bearing masses of small pure bright yellow cistus like flowers







HALIMOCISTUS SAHUCII(AGM) very pretty white flws carried over bright green foliage, looks good in pots.
HOHERIA angustifolia BORDE HILL small grey green leaves very bushy plant with masses of white flowers produced in July, has been suggested as a hedge, evergreen, not commonly offered, hardier than expected.
HOHERIA SEXSTYLOSA STARDUST (AGM) an evergreen shrub or small tree, white flowers in abundence in summer, very choice and select, needs a bit of shelter from cold winds, or it becomes deciduous.
HYDRANGEA ARBORESCENS ANNABELLE (AGM) huge flw heads in creamy whitemake this a sfirst rate garden shrub
HYDRANGEA ARBORESCENS VISITATION an uncommon variety, dwarf stocky plant sterile flowers tidy grower, bright white mopheads, smaller than Annabelle. We expect the heads to be more weather resistant and not to flop during rain.
HYDRANGEA ASPERA MAUVETTE, a seemingly compact hairy leaved type with light mauve flowers, suited to moist shade, but not essential.
HYDRANGEA AYESHA light purple wax like flowers, most unusual of the mophead hydrangea's.
HYDRANGEA LIMELIGHT inc royalty paid label. New variety with large panicles of solid flowers lime green initially, compact when grown properly.
HYDRANGEA macrophylla Merveille Sanguine dwarf macrophylla type flowers red, with deep purple autumn foliage truly stunning in colour.Very rare
HYDRANGEA MACROPHYLLA NIGRA black stems pink mophead flowers
HYDRANGEA MAROPHYLLA RED MOPHEAD a compact form with good flower quality, one we have grown for a customer but not sure of name.
HYDRANGEA PANICULATA KYUSHU (AGM)Panicles of off white in summer, strong upright habit,  reminiscent of upside down ice cream cones, real eyecatcher.







HYDRANGEA PANICULATA PHANTOM possibly the largest flowering conical headed variety, made up of masses of sterile white florets very beautiful and reasonably compact, strong flowers stems which can be cut.
HYDRANGEA PINK DIAMOND (AGM)medium deciduous shrub having white panicles of flowers in summer, which turn the loveliest of reds, pinks in late summer and autumn. 
HYDRANGEA QUERCIFOLIA (AGM) oak leaved Hydrangea having very large flowers pure white and conical, our stock plant seems dwarf.
HYDRANGEA SERRATA CHIBA CHERRY LIPS golden foliage with reddish new growth
HYDRANGEA SERRATA GRAYSWOOD popular plant with large florets 
HYDRANGEA SERRATA KIYOSUMI a seemingly compact growing form with purpletinged foliage very attractive, lace cap flowers are white with a strong deep pink edge, all in all very nice.
HYDRANGEA SERRATA MIYAMA YAE MURASAKI double blue flowers in acidic soil, or treat with alum.
HYDRANGEA SERRATA PREZIOSA (AGM) an amazing plant being the only serrata with very large mophead flowers. Premier plant.
IOCHROMA AUSTRALIS tender shrub with small blue datura like flowers, will tolerate -6C becomes deciduous, very beautiful plant when grown. Ours are seed raised as this seems to produce a far more vigorous plant. 
ITEA VIRGINICA large creamy scented panicles on deep green foliage which colours well in atumn
JASMINUM NUDIFLORUM (AGM) yellow winter flowering wall plant
LAVENDULA ELLAGANCE  SNOW seed raised with white flowers to flower in late summer reputedly dwarf and compact and hardy, they do smell strongly
LAVENDULA ELLAGANCE ICE seed raised with blue tinged white flowers to flower in late summer
LAVENDULA ELLAGANCE SKY seed raised with blue flowers to flower in late summer
LAVENDULA IMPERIAL GEM, (AGM) The RHS selected this as a form of Hidcote in trials and have commended this highly, short and compact  a good replacement for Hidcote.  IN Effect Hidcote super select vegetatively propped.
LAVENDULA x intermedia GROSSO vigorous sturdy plant with good grey lvs more tolerant of damp than most. If Carlsberg grew lavenders this would be it.  
LESPEDEZA BICOLOR medium sized shrub with bright rose red flowers in autumn. Plant of semi upright habit, very attractive, LARGER FLOWERS THAN THUNBERGII









LONICERA PURPUSII winter flws strongly scented shrubby honeysuckle in feb

LYCIUM BARBATUM (GOJI BERRY) said to cure most ails of man,eat the fruit, like a salted currant, you can live to be 250, have excellent eyesight,  tinitus free and a great sex life, classed as a superfood. Tis a shrub to 8 feet and similar spread having blue and white small flowers and edible berries. highly wind and salt tolerant.  GO GO GOJI I say. Crops in second year. Supposed to put you in a good mood too. MINISTRY INSPECTED AND CERTIFIED, ENGLISH GROWN
MELIANTHUS MAJOR(AGM) architectural perennial with lge pinnate grey green lvs.Classed as a a shrub in native South Africa, more of a perennial here.
MITRARIA COCCINEA LAKE CABURGUA  a lax growing plant or climber, related to african violet with deep red flw pouches larger than the type, small glossy foliage, hardy and truly spectacular in throughout the year but most in early summer. Highly reccomended
NIELLIA TIBETICA large decid shrub with pink drooping flw panicles in summer
PHILADELPHUS BELLE ETIOLE (AGM) a first class shrub whose perfumed blooms clothe a compact shrub to 5'. Ajoy to behold the very large flowers, with purple staining, fantastic.
PHILADELPHUS CORONARIUS AUREUS (AGM)gold lvs especially when grown in light shade scented flws white
PHILADELPHUS INNOCENSE creamy variegated lvs having single flowers in profusion which are strongly scented
PHILADELPHUS LEMONEI upright habit except in flw when branches arch with single heavily scented white blossom
PHILADELPHUS MANTEAU D HERMINE(AGM) dwarf shrub double white flws bright green lvs 
PHILADELPHUS MINNASOTA SNOWFLAKE growing up to 6' high this American cultivar, has its branches bowed over with the weight of the double white scented flowers in May. Beautiful 
PHILADELPHUS MRS E L ROBINSON dwarf form of Virginal, double scented flowers up to 3" across produced in clusters in early summer, grows to about 5' high, suited to a bit of shade, prefering full sun, possibly one of the best
PHILADELPHUS POLAR STAR mid sized shrub good green leaves and large scented clear white semi double flowers very worthwhile growing.
PHILADELPHUS SILVER SHOWERS white reasonable large single scented flowers in profusion on a compact shrub to 4' high. Highly recommended 
PHYSOCARPUS DARTS GOLD bright gold foliaged shrub trouble free
PIPTANTHUS LABURNIFOLIUS trifoliate bright evergreen lvs on this small tree or wall shrub emphasis the yellow laburnum type flws
PITTOSPORUM CRASSIFOLIUM has glossy bright green shield shaped leaves, grey fuzz beneath,(felted) highly salt tolerant, and after this winter 2010/11 looks to be particularly hardy having suffered no damage in a tunnel, I think this a lovely plant, having red flowers in spring.
PITTOSPORUM EUGENOIDES "Lemonwood" so called as the leaves give off lemon fragrance, larged wavy leaved small tree or shrub, we had one here for sometime but had to cut down in way of washing line, but very attractive. 
PITTOSPORUM TENUIFOLIUM GOLD STAR bright gold variegated foliage on this popular evergreen shrub
PITTOSPORUM TOBIRA VARIEGATA(AGM) open growing evergreen shrub with grey green leaves and cream edges
PITTOSPORUM TOBIRA(AGM) large glossy green foliage, with strongly scented flowers, a native of the Med but is proving very hardy and has overwintered here for many years. Hardy to at least -10C. 
POLYGALA X DALMAISIANA (AGM) amazing flowering shrub with purple winged flowers with a white stamens, reckoned to be one of the hardiest. Definitely different and will require a sunny sheltered spot.

PROSTANTHERA ROTUNDIFOLIA a reasonable hardy plant given some shelter and a bit of fleece if freezing wind occur. Interesting scented foliage fantastic in flower, need plenty of water does survive here in sheltered spots hardy to -7C







PRUNUS INCISA MIKINORI small growing Tree or shrub semi double pink flowers, like, very nice indeedy
PRUNUS INCISA OSCHIDORI small double pink flowers like mini Kanzan
PRUNUS KOJO NOMAI small growing shrub with zig zag growths producing an abundence of pink flowers in early spring, very pretty and attractive shrub
PTEROSTYRAX HISPIDA small garden tree with in summer drooping panicles of white scented flowers, apparently quite rare and very choice.
RHODOTYPOS SCANDENS suited to most soils and situations, this shrub produces stems to 4' high carrying from late spring to mid summer papery white flowers 2"across, followed by noticeable shiny black fruits
ROSEMARINUS IDEN BLUE BOY compact and very flat growing form of prostratus
ROSEMARINUS OFFICINALE GORIZIA particularly hardy form of upright habit with very large pale blue flowers, clean foliage
ROSTRINUCULA DEPENDENS rare shrub think dwarf shrub callistemon x buddleia, flowers late summer.

RUBUS OLYMPIC DOUBLE striking large magenta red double flowered form, followed by yellow fruits.A bramble suited to dry soils and shade. Looks like a bramble grows to 4' like a small bramble but the flowers are excellent, and it grows almost anywhere 







SALIX GRACILISTYLA MELANOSTACHYS a wonderful little willow staying below 6' with black catkins, these having deep red anthers and yellow pollen. 
SALIX MARK POSTILL very dwarf,slightly hairy leaves giving a sheen early in life leavees darken as summer ages large catkins, mostly spring but sporadic through early summer .
SANTOLINA CHAEMAECYPARRISSUS (AGM)cotton bud lavender, grey mounds of lvs and bright yellow flws ever popular plant for scented foliage.
SANTOLINA LEMON FIZZ golden yellow foliaged form of popular Cotton Lavender.
SANTOLINA VIRENS(AGM) small dome forming evergreen lvs scented, yellow flws 

SORBARIA SORBIFOLIA SEM first class small shrub with multicoloured pinnate foliage, price will include royalty paid label







WEIGELA DARTS COLORDREAM Two colours of flowers on the same flower truss red and white an attractive novelty. Very vigorous shrub







WEIGELA FLORIDA VARIEGATA small to medium ever popular shrub with light pink flowers
WEIGELA MIDDENDORFIANA yellow flowering small deciduous shrub prefering light shade. Close inspection of the flowers shows amazing detail in the throats of the flowers.
WEIGELA PRAECOX VARIEGATA a slower growing variety having darker pink flws, than florida var. the plant looks somewhat like a small Cornus controversa variegata
WEIGELA VICTORIA purple lvs and deep pink flws contrast well on this small shrub

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