We stock an ever changing range of perennials the following list gives a flavour of what we grow, note that they are not all in stock all of the time, please contact us for an availabiltity list. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot see what you require, it may be that it is underway here.

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ACANTHUS MOLLIS, bears breeches architectural foliage with striking purple and white flw spikes
ACHILLEA CASSIS fleuroselect award winner flowering in first year, dark red flowers 
AGASTACHE CANA HYB BOLERO compact and bushy, purply bronze foliage,  flowers upright columns of purple, special little plant
AGASTACHE PINK POP a very neat and compact plant bearing in summer masses of pink poker flowers 12-18"high, hardy to at least minus15.6C !
AMSONIA HUBRITCHII Select perennial with blue starry flowers in May - July on top of pine needle like  foliage which turns a gorgeous yellow in autumn. Relatively new having been discovereed in 1942 in America, completely hardy and requires little maintenance.
AMSONIA TABERNAEMONTANA BLUE STAR a wonderful slow growing and rarely offered perannial, have glossy green leaves and blue starry flowers in flat almost umbels.It is tolerant of sun partial shade and wide range of soils, an article in the Plantsman RHS magazine highlighted the beauty of this genus.  
ANEMONE PALMATA dwarf perennial with bright fleurescent yellow daisy flowers in May, topping bright green glossy foliage
ANEMONE SYLVESTRIS a British native, found growing in woodlands in semi shaded areas. White flowers on top of green shiny well cut foliage, short growing to 12" high flowering in spring.
ANEMONE TORMENTOSA PINK BEAUTY lovely plant growing to 18" high with pink flowers in late summer, palmate leaves tolerates a wide range of conditions even dry shade once established
ANGELICA GIGAS huge globular umbels of deep purple, produced in late summer, whilst stricly biennial it seeds itself a bit enough to appear perennial, very architectural and rather a statement plant












AQUILEGIA CANADENSIS (AGM)  a lovelly selection having a multitude of red flowers in early summer on dwarf plants
AQUILEGIA CHRYSANTHA YELLOW QUEEN strong growing large bright yellow flowers held well above the foliage
AQUILEGIA GOLDEN GUINESS bright gold foliage with initially red flowers which age to blue, excellent plant in leaf and flower.
AQUILEGIA MELLOW YELLOW startling clear bright yellow foliage happy in shade or sun
AQUILEGIA SIBERICA Brilliant blue, white corolla, large flowers, if its as good as the pictures wow, not come across this before..
AQUILEGIA SKINNERII  TEQUILA SUNRISE Golden orange to red shades, flowers first year without vernalization.Not too sure about tequila sunrise name and whether itís a marketing name, but skinnerii is a classic.
AQUILEGIA WINKY PURPLE compact with upward facing flowers, very nice, dark purple flowers.







ARISARUM PROBOSCIDEUM  mouse plant, strange little aroid,summer dormant, prefers damp shade, slowly spreading, to 4" high, flowers like a mouse diving into his hole- Doesn't fool our pride of Domestic Lions though. 
ARTHROPODIUM CANDIDUM grass like lvs with a purple and brown spotted snake skin like appearance, much in vogue . Small white flowers in summer 
ARTHROPODIUM CIRRATUM a NZ native ideally suited to dry shade, having strap like leaves and lily like flowers
ARUNCUS AETHUSIFOLIUS(AGM) ferny bright green foliage in spring and summer turning red in autumn, flowers to 18" high non invasive and excellent for front of border.
ASTER ageratoides ASRAN  lilac blue daisy flowers with yellow centre, flowers over a long part of late summer and autumn, seems to be free of mildew even in light dry shade.
ASTER novae belgi JENNY Semi double deep pink flowers compact and seemingly trouble free 
ASTILBOIDES TABULARIS large leaves circular, upto 18" across the plant growing to 4' high, ideal as bog plant or damp soil, flowers cream,scented
ASTRANTIA MAJOR ROSE SYMPHONY producing a symphony of pinks and reds, very harmonios, strong growing nice clean green foliage.
BEGONIA GRANDIS EVANSIANA ALBA large leaves, hardy, with white flowers in mid to late summer, produces bulbils for propagation. Tolerates dry shade once established
BERGENIA CORDIFOLIA TUBBY ANDREWS leaves mottled cream sploged pinky tones, pink flowers, bit of a plate of sick really, but supposed to be rare, no wonder. Good spring foliage colouration though .
BERGENIA RED BEAUTY dwarf growing evergreen perennial flw winter deep red lvs winter spring.
CALTHA PALUSTRIS,(AGM)  marsh marigold, bright yellow flws prefering damp soils or pond margins.
CELENDINE BRAZEN HUSSY (Ranunculus ficaria)black leaves bright yellow flowers early in the year foliage dies back in june









CERATOSTIGMA PLUMBAGINOIDES ground cover form of herbaceous habit forming cushions of foliage with blue plumbago flowers in late summer and autumn, leaves colour to intense red in Autumn.
CYNARA CARDUNCULUS cardoon, excellent foliage plant demands attention
DAMERA PELTATUM (AGM)large round perfoliate leaves to 15" across ideal in ponds, where flowers appear before leaves, good autumn tints, like a mini Gunnera for smaller ponds.
DELOSPERMA COOPERI pink flowers very drought tolerant plant flowering daisies over succulent like leaves most of the summer Used to be known as mesembryanthemums
DIETES BICOLOR South African plant closely allied to Iris, suited to many soil types, large grass like foliage, to 3' high white flattened Iris flowers about 4" across 
ECHINACEA BABY PINK SWAN flowering at a height of 40 cm approx half size of standard varieties
ECHINACEA PURP. WHITE SWAN white flowered form of E.Magnus, strong large flowered and upright. 
ECHINACEA PURPUREA DOUBLEDECKER unusual petal arrangement giving rise to the name, purple cone flower with secondary ring of petals.
ECHINACEA PURPUREA MAGNUS (AGM)strong grower flws upto 36" high deep pink, described as red, useful cut flw.
ECHINACEA PURPUREA PRAIRIE SPLENDOR Compact, early, lavender rose, first year blooms, 18" high, for group quite dwarf
ECHINACEA PURPUREA PRIMADONNA DEEP ROSE Large 5-6" rose blooms, forms long lived dense clumps, by Benary.
ECHINOPS BANATICUS BLUE GLOW spiny lvs on this perennial show of the clustered deep blue flws very useful for cutting upto 36"
ECHINOPS RUTHENICUS PLATINUM BLUE blue globe thistle more compact than Blue Glow, and more finely divided foliage
ECHINOPS TIENSCHANICUM  giant globe thistle with large tennis ball seed heads after blue flowers attractive to bees and butterfly. Large growing 4-6' approx, new to us  
ECHIUM PINNIANA (AGM)large monocarpic bee attracting trifid. Has a large spike attaining 14' high in its second or third year. Canary Island stunner, see disc for picture. Has proven hardy here down to -8C poor growing plants are killed at this temperature, the good ones just carry on.
ERODIUM BISHOPS FORM small ground cover alpine type flowers all summer
ERODIUM MANSCAVII hairy fern like foliage, bearing in summer magenta red geranium like flowes. Tidy little number doing well in pots for sales,continual flowering, not fussy on soils. 
ERODIUM PELARGONIFOLIA pale green leaves flowers for months in the summer
ERYNGIUM AGAVIFOLIUM architectural  evergreen perennial, forming a rosette of strap like toothed glossy green leaves to 2' high , white small globular flws white on strong stems, provides excellent focal point in a border. Sub tropical appearance. 













ERYNGIUM ALPINUM BLUE STAR (AGM), vigorous growing to nearly 3' profuse flowering form with deep blue flws, worthy of its name
ERYNGIUM BLUE HOBBIT dwarf sea holly to only 12" high bright blue rich flowering, of ball like habit- good for little gardens and containers, as reputedly long flowering
ERYNGIUM GIGANTEUM (MISS WILMOTS GHOST) (AGM) large ivory white flowers, enjoying a dry and sunny spot. Rumour has it that Miss Wilmot sprinkled seed where ever she went leaving a legacy in others plots of eryngium. What a saddo!
ERYNGIUM PLANUM BLUE GLITTER rich blue flowers well branched flowers has a fleuroselect award easy to grow to flower this year july to sept. It needs to be good as the seed is currently 4X the price of Gold
ERYNGIUM PLANUM SILVER SALENTINO white flowered form very nice many small bracts of flowers
ERYNGIUM PROTAEIFLORUM very unusual Mexican plant hardy but needs dry in winter, spectacular flowers possibly needs an neutral to acid soil.
ERYNGIUM YUCCIFOLIUM elegant leaves and flower heads
ERYSIMUM BOWLES MAUVE the standard perennial wallflower alll most a sub shrub with purple mauve flowers 
ERYSIMUM CONCINNUM COTSWOLD GEM  a new introduction perennial wallflower with variegated leaves, compact and bushy in form sporting red to purple flowers in spring, a very popular  plant sterile so flowers all summer and autumn







ERYSIMUM CONSTANT CHEER dwarf growing perennial wallflower with a constant supply of bright orange flowers
EUCOMIS BURGUNDY SPARKLER , Purple Pineapple Lily,   South African bulbous plant having purple bronze foliage and similarly tinged flowers. Reckoned not to be that hardy but planting 4" deep will see it survive most winters.
EUPATORIUM RUGOSUM CHOCOLATE new growth deep purple turning to a browny purple, hence the name.
EUPHORBIA FIREGLOW perennial growing to 24" high bronzed foliage red flowers, a very good border plant. 
EUPHORBIA ORANGE MAN small non invasive herbaceous perennial with orange bracts
EUPHORBIA RIGIDA glaucus blue triangular foliage more clumpy upright version of common myrsinites, nice but we struggle to propagate.
EUPHORBIA ROBBIAE (AGM) pernicious weed or plant suited to dry shade where nothing else would grow, you decide.
FOENICULUM VULGARE PURPUREA Purple or bronze lvd fennel, highly decorative ferny foliage to 4 foot high. Aniseed scented lvs and edible seeds
GENTIANA SEPTEMFIDA LADODECHIANA SELECT very large very blue trumpet flowers not fussy about soil .
GERANIUM JOHNSTONES BLUE (AGM) sterile pure blue flowering form of this hardy geranium
GERANIUM maculatum Expresso dark purple bronzy leaves pale pink flowers
GERANIUM MAGNIFICA deep blue flowers on hairy leaves very drought tolerant plant exceptionally blue flowers in Early summer
GERANIUM OXONIANUM ROSE CLAIR compact deep pink flowering ground cover
GERANIUM PALMATUM (AGM) large palmate glossy foliage to 2' high purple flowers








GERANIUM PRATENSE SPLISH SPLASH  bicoloured blue and white flowers, very variable the amount of blue and white, I suspect growing conditions affect the colouration.
GERANIUM PSILOSTEMON large growing intense cerise flowers
GERANIUM SANGUINEUM VIOLET VISION spreading plant with VIOLET-purple flowers
GEUM FLORA PLENA "RED DRAGON" New - Unusually large red flowers, late spring bloomer, flowers on 16" stems
GEUM FLORA PLENA "SUNRISE" Prolific huge double flowers first year from seed, a dramatic improvement in this category ,flower stems to 20" high 
GEUM LEONARDS VARIETY double flowered apricot form, the plant often produces a second flush of flowers in the autumn, the plant is far prettier than the name. The roots when dried repel moths, best cv for this. 
GUNNERA MANICATA (AGM) humungous leaves, leaves can grow 2m high and as much across, not suited to a Charlie Dimmock water feature








HEUCHERA AMERICANA DALES STRAIN lvs with purple and silver markings very nice ground cover, cream flws ,pick out your own cultivar . A nice mixture of cultivars.
HEUCHERA MALACHITE bright green frilly leaves
HEUCHERA MELTON FIREpurple leaves with very wavy edge a rival for many of the plethora of microprop varieties, excellent in shade
HEUCHERA PALACE PURPLE deep purple lvs popular perennial
HEUCHERA VILLOSA PURPLE LEAF FORM large clump forming plant generally considered far better than palace purple and I tend to agree
IRIS  VERSICOLOR KERMESIANA attractive upright iris can be grown in water, with RED CERISE FLOWERS 
IRIS CALIFORNIAN HYBRIDS MIXED growing to 40cm high suggested that they are evergreen, flowers supposed to be wonderful, have not seen in flower so cannot say, prefer full sun and moist soil.
IRIS CHRYSOGRAPHES BLACK SELECT almost black flowers in May and June happy in or out of water
IRIS CHRYSOGRAPHES deep purple to almost black flowers in May and June happy in or out of water
IRIS ENSATA (KAEMPHERI) A.G.M.Japanese water iris, but best in moist garden soil. According to the seedsman, these are Newest Hybrids from Japan with flowers to 20cm across of magnificent colours- Large blousy flowers-Enough said. 
IRIS FORESTII A.G.M 40cm high with very pretty lemon yellow scented  flowers growing in garden soil.
IRIS PUMILA dwarf dinky fella, mixed colours, mostly blue for ordinary soil types, edging borders etc. Looks good for sales in a pot. Flowering April/May
IRIS SIBERICA suited to pond planting but happy in moist soil, deep blue flowers in early summer on strong stems









KIRENGISHOMA PALMATA here's a thing, what a name, what a plant A member of hydrangea family, not that you would know, unless you knew, carry lemon yellow bell flowers in late summer into autumn, splendid thing for shade. 
KITAIBELIA VITIFOLIA lavatera like plant flowers for most of summer into autumn, large white star like flowers, unusual, sub tropical, bone hardy
LAMPRANTHUS TRESCO FIRE deeppurple-red daisy like flowers on a grey succulent foliage, flowers throughout summer and has proved itself hardy outside, nice habit. 
LATHYRUS VERNUS dwarf neat perennial sweet pea with covered in deep pink flws 
LEONURUS CARDIACA GROBBELBOL curiously curly foliage
LEWISIA SUNSET STRAIN a first class plant really classed as an alpine but the flowers in this strain are large enough for it to be more in the range of perennials. A sought after and desirable plant, best kept dry in winter ideal for stone walls, flowers over a very long time.
LIGULARIA DENTATA MIDNIGHT LADY purple leaved cultivar with yellow daisy like flowers in mid summer prefers a deep moist soil, plant around a pond but not in it.
LIGULARIA PRZWALSKII large yellow flw spikes large leaves carried on black stems 
LIGULARIA SIBERICA large rounde leaves with large yellow spikes of flowers in mid summer, ideal in damp but not waterlogged soils, around the pond but not in it.
LOBELIA QUEEN VICTORIA (ELMFEURER)deep purple leaves red flowers, a striking perennial ,often sold as aquatic, but doesn't need to grow in water.
LYSIMACHIA FIRECRACKER purple foliage, yellow flws,make this a first class perennial. 
LYTHRUM DROPMORE PURPLE tall growing water loving perrenial with spikes of purple flowers suited to pond planting but not essential flowers over a long period in summer an admireable plant






MONARDA GARDEN VIEW SCARLET supurb monardia with very large red flowers during summer, partially mildew resistant in good growing conditions 
MORINA LONGIFOLIA lanceolate thistle like leaves topped by red thistle like flowers very desireable but not so good for weeding around.
PAPAVER ORIENTALE PRINCESS VICTORIA LOUISE perennial Poppy with salmon coloured flowers
PAPAVER ORIENTALE ROYAL WEDDING perennial poppy with white flowers contrasting with black centres
PAPAVER PATTIES PLUM huge plum flowers with black centre, a favourate of mine but no doubt superseeded by many
PEROVSKIA BLUE SPIRE(AGM) ruussian sage, blue flowers emerge from grey green scented foliage, very attractive  
PEROVSKIA LITTLE SPIRE dwarf form of this popular little plant with blue flowers in summer
PHLOMIS CASHMERIANA a wonderful perennial with tall downy spikes of lilac whorls of flowers in summer. Needs sun and good drainage, pleased to be offering these for sale. 
PHLOMIS TAURICA lilac flowers produced on a rounded clump 2', deep green leaves. Russian tumbleweed on account when dying off for winter the whole top part can be blown off.
PHLOX BORDER GEM deep purple flowers
PHLOX PANICULATA BRIGHT EYES scented pale pink flowers with darker eye
PHLOX PANICULATA FUJIYAMA (syn Mount Fuji) strong tall upright grower, having clean pure white panicles scented can be used as cut flowers
POLEMONIUM PURPLE RAIN STRAINlarge violet flowers to 20" during early summer, will rebloom if cut back after flowering.  In the cooler temperatures of autumn and winter the foliage turns purple. 
POLLIA JAPONICA a rare and uncommon plant, with leaves that look like a ginger but are shiny. The plant is very hardy grows to about 3' high forming clumps with white flowers not spectacular, which are followed by blue berries in Autumn which are very attractive. tolerant of full shade prefering partial shade.  
POTENTILLA MONARCH'S VELVET herbaceous potentilla with dark red petals and deeper red centre, very floriferous.
POTENTILLA YELLOW QUEEN bright green foliage, with double to semi double bright yellow flowers 18" high in summer
PRIMULA BULLEYSIANUM excellent candelabra primula can be used in water or a damp spot.
PRIMULA FLORINDAE bog side plant, but not essentially so, being one of the largest primula's with yellow flowers.
PRIMULA JAPONICA APPLEBLOSSOM large heads of pink flowers with darker eye, prefers a damp soil







Melianthus major above







RODGERSIA AESCULIFOLIA slowly spreading perennial to18" high divided palmate lvs, tolerant of most situations, can be planted as a marginal in ponds.Pinky white flws summer slight scent.







RHEUM PALMATUM TANGUTICUM an architectural plant with more cut leaves than palmatum., new leaves mostly deep purple
RODGERSIA AESCULIFOLIA slowly spreading perennial to18" high divided palmate lvs, tolerant of most situations, can be planted as a marginal in ponds.Pinky white flws summer slight scent.
RODGERSIA PINNATA SUPURBA bronze new foliage and pink flowers make this a desirable plant in the garden always fetches premium price
RUDBECKIA GOLDSTRUM large bright yellow daisy flws, produced in abundance july/oct, on stems 2-3' high. Supurb late colour perennial attracts bees.
RUDBECKIA TRILOBA Perennial,or some say biennial but usually when poorly grown, growing to just over 3' having a profusion of yellow daisy flowers over 3 months in mid to late summer. Not fussy about soil and will tolerate a bit of shade
SALVIA BULLEYANA  yellow flowers with darker central parts often called Blue Lips
SALVIA INVOLUCRATA BETHELLII possibly the hardiest and strongest growing variety with red flowers and large attractive foliage. 
SALVIA NEMOROSA CARADONNA   a great garden plant! This salvia flowers with spikes of violet-blue from June to October and is a magnet for butterflies and bees. 
SALVIA NUTANS rosette forming salvia from Russia, so should be hardy, having upright flower stems terminating in blue nodding flower heads, very unusaul and very different.
SALVIA PATENS BLUE ANGEL intense deep blue flowers produced in abundance in late summer to first frosts. This is a particularly hardy form surviving temps down as low as -16C and prolonged cold and wet. 
SALVIA WILD WATER MELON. I think that is what this is but no guarantee, very nice compact and long flowering reasonably hardy shrub. We were given it as a nice pink but I suppose it is bordering on Cerise. What ever it is it is very nice and well worth growing surviving well outside last winter.  
SANGUISORBA HAKUSANENSIS pink beautiful, unusual, uncommon
SANGUISORBA MENZIESII blue green coarsly feathery leaves topped by bright red flower spikes, lovelly plant for the perennial border to 2'6" high 
SANGUISORBA TENUIFOLIUM ALBA large perennial with white drooping bottlebrush flowers 
SEDUM ABBEYDORE dwarf fleshy leaved variety rose coloured flowers newish variety
SEDUM AUTUMN JOY (HYLOTELEPHIUM)popular red flws in autumn attractive to butterflies
SEDUM FROSTY MORN (HYLOTELEPHIUM)white flws with white variegated lvs
SEDUM HOT STUFF  short growing deep cerise pink spectabile type
SEDUM INDIAN CHIEF(HYLOTELEPHIUM) slighly dwarfer than autumn joy 
SEDUM MATRONA (HYLOTELEPHIUM)blue to purple tinged foliage with salmon pink flws most attractive esp when in association with grasses
SEDUM PURPLE EMPEROR (HYLOTELEPHIUM) very deep purple lvd variety
SEDUM SPECTABILE ICEBERG (HYLOTELEPHIUM)white flowering form of the Ice Plant. Occasionally throwing a pink flower to make it bicoloured, around 30%.
STOKSIA  LAEVIS BLUESTAR 12-18" high flower stems, very attractive daisy type flowers during summer.
STOKSIA LAEVIS WHITE STAR white flws held well above green almost succulent shiny lvs
STROBILANTHES ATTENUATA Growing to about 18" spreading to 2' across, ideally suited to shade, having blue purple mangled trumpet like flowers in summer to autumn. 
STROBILANTHES WALLICHII (ATROPURPUREA) shade loving plant, having nettle like leaves not stingers though, having autumn colour, flowers blue to purple, growing 3-5' high reports variable.
TEUCRIUM SCORODONIA CRISPA Curious plant with lime green leaves which are curly or cristate on the edges, small sub shrub to 18"high X 36" spread.
THALICTRUM AQUILEGIFOLIUM ALBUM tall aquilegia like leaves fluffy white flowers in summer
THALICTRUM AQUILEGIIFOLIA pink and white puffs of flowers from may to july make this an attractive perennial flowering height of 4' max
THALICTRUM DIPTEROCARPUM (DELAVEYII) delicate aquilegia type foliage and lilac rose flowers , powder puff clouds in june july upto 3' high clump forming perennial.
THALICTRUM ROCHEBURNIANUM meaty growing plant to 5' rather spectacular and much sought after. In trendy speak BEAST (meaning very good) just about sums it up.
THERMOPSIS CHINENSIS  spring flowering, lupin like bright yellow flowers , with trifoliate leaves that don't get pasted with aphids compact to 15" high
THERMOPSIS LANCEOLATA summer flowering pale yellow spikes of flowers , lupin like but glossy green foliage
TIARELLA WHERRYII this perennial has white star like flowers delicately fragrant on stems to 20cm carried above bright green foliage Flowers produced practically all year.
TRADESCANTIA SWEET KATE gold grass like leaves with summer flowers of blue, and attractive combo.
TRADESCANTIA VIRGINIANA ISIS strong growing constant flowering dark blue/purple form with very large flowers and grass like foliage, first class perennial
TRICYRTIS HIRTA late summer flowering perennial lilac with deeper purple spots, beautiful plant, ideal in part shade, good in a pot.
TRICYRTIS TOJAN from mid summer on this produces a copious amount of light mauve ,orange spotted flowers with an interesting stigma, Orchid like, growing to 18" high with glossy leaves, it is just a very good plant with a long season of interest   
TROLLIUS GOLDEN QUEEN unusual and beautifull gold flowers are produced in Spring on top of clumps of bright green foliage, can be used as a marginal but is happy in garden situ.
WYETHIA AMPLEXICAULIS  stiff bright green glossy leaves giving rise to yellow daisy flowers. From mountains of Colorado, very hardy and unusual.

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