IMG_0031Cordyline australis Charlie Boy  This brilliantly coloured palm was found by us in the late 1990's and has taken until now to develop it into a commercial plant. Both European and USA plant rights have been covered and were approved in 2009.  Charlie Boy has undergone extensive trialling in the UK and Ireland to ensure it is hardy and garden worthy. We have exposed it to temperatures as low as -9C with only slight foliage damage. It has a very vigorous root system and makes up quickly into a stunning plant in a 3Litre pot. Many similar Pink varieties have come from micropropagation sports. Charlie Boy came from a seedling from a green batch of Palms.
Large commercial quantities can be obtained from Fitzgerald Nurseries in Ireland. Smaller quantities from ourselves.
Credit must go to Pat Fitzgerald who had great faith in the plant and despite many set backs has brought this plant into production.  He has also guided us through the minefield that is plant Breeders Rights.
Whilst many growers object to paying breeders rights on plants found as seedlings, I would like to say that given the considerable expense of Micropropagation initiation etc that this plant would never have seen the light of day, if not the Breeders rights system.
Charlie Boy is named after my late father Charles George Richards of Newlyn , who having been named by his mother Charles after his father, became known as Charlie Boy. Even when retired his close family still refered to him as "Boy". 
The name also distances it from the other varieties with pink in thier names.

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